The Blonde Chain

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Meet the people who made your clothes. Learn how we are becoming a sustainable brand.

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The Designer

Meet Denitsa!

She is the Designer and Co-Founder of blonde gone rogue. Denitsa graduated from Nuova Academia di Belle Arti in Milano and she enjoys nothing more than staying late working on her designs until they reach perfection.

She took this picture with a bunch of end-of-roll materials in a factory. These are materials left from large productions that are about to be thrown away. We purchase these materials to give them a second life and save the resources and hard work put into creating them.

The Production team

All our collections are produced in Globaltex - a small factory in our hometown - Ruse, Bulgaria. We work closely with the production team, making sure there is a friendly working environment where everybody is treated with respect. Since we are working with them for nearly two years now, we have built close friendships. Denitsa is usually in the factory whenever we are in the production stage, ensuring everything goes smoothly and the highest attention to detail is payed to the garments. Meet the team who sewed together the clothes!


Meet Bahrie

She works in the workshop and has such a lovely presence.


This is Milko

One of the guys in the team! He is in charge of the flawless finish of the garments.


Tatyana here!

She is a skilled seamstress and is secretly in charge of the good mood.

Meet Misha

She has the magic wand that transforms our sketches in real clothes. Her pattern making skills are amazing!


This is Gulumser!

She worked on most of our collections and believe us, no one enjoys sewing more than her! She puts so much love into her work.


Velichka and Mariela

Preparing the pattern cutting table for some action.


The lovely Irina

She has all the connections! Whenever we need help with finding fabrics or trims, she is there to help.


The Materials

Since the start our mission is to create beautiful fashion that does not cost the environment. We work heavily on finding sustainable alternatives for our materials. It makes us very happy that our latest collections are made entirely from sustainable fabrics.

The main material from our last collection is cupro - a byproduct of cotton. Since the thinnest and most delicate fibres from the cotton plant are too fragile for the spinning of the cotton fabric, they are left aside and often thrown away. However, there is an alternative and these fibres can be spun into a beautiful fabric. This makes cupro an amazing sustainable material - as breathable as cotton and as soft as silk.

The other materials that we have used in the collection are 100% end-of-roll cotton. These are production leftover fabrics that we source from local sewing factories.

All our T-shirts and hoodies are made from 100% recycled fabric or organic cotton. The blank pieces are sourced from Continental Clothing - a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and are Global Recycle Standard (GRS) and Organic Content Standard (OCS) certified. We then print the pieces locally in Ruse, Bulgaria.


The labels

We print all our labels with iPrint in Sofia, Bulgaria. They are printed sustainably on recycled paper. To complement the look, we hang them on a colourful organic hemp cord from Hemptique. Their cords are designed in the US and produced in China.


Our packaging

Our envelopes are made from cyclus paper that is 100% recycled. Cyclus paper has been among the winners of WWF´s Environmental Paper Awards 2016.

The envelopes were printed and assembled by Neo Print in Sofia, Bulgaria.


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