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Creating a Fashion Collection: from A to Z

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With our second collection coming out this month, we thought it would be cool to share with you our creative process. So far we have done this only two times and everything is still very experimental and exciting! So, this is how we do it.

  1. Inspiration


At the foundations of a strong creative process lies the inspiration. What inspires us should be something that gives us a real drive, a desire to create, something that really gets us hyped up. How we, at blonde gone rogue, get inspired is by exploring. We enjoy art exhibitions, joining design events, meeting new people and, most importantly, traveling. We like to make memories and draw our inspiration from those experiences.

When we started working on the Summer collection, it was already getting gloomy outside, so we felt quite nostalgic about all the wonderful adventures we had under the August sun. It was all so fresh - the ocean waves, the salt on our skin, laughing with our friends at the back of a camper van and those cute guys at the gas station in Portugal. So there it was - this collection was going to be about freedom, adventure and hot weather.

2. Research


Now down to business. We start analysing the topic of our inspiration and then look deeper into the key aspects. We collect all the visual and conceptual material that we will later translate into our garments.  This is the point where literally every detail counts. We source our favourite elements and we start playing around with them. Color and trends research is also an essential part of the process.

3. Sketches

After the research phase is completed, we get down to work. In designing a collection, this means one thing - sketch, sketch, sketch!
After all the ideas are visualised, we lay all sketches down and arrange them into what would be our initial collection.

4. Material & Trim Sourcing


This must be one of the most exciting and challenging parts. And a very active one! We go from place to place, meeting with suppliers and manufacturers of fabrics and trims, looking for the right materials for our designs. We paid special attention to the texture, color and feeling of the fabrics to make sure they bring good quality and that summer feel to our products.

Here, as in every stage, everything needs to be aligned with the concept of the collection - freedom, adventure and hot weather.

5. Prototypes


With all materials sourced, we were ready to go into the prototype stage. First, we construct our patterns and with them our first physical samples are sewn! This is followed by the first fitting and with it all the changes to make our garments look as envisioned. We went through this process a couple of times to make sure everything’s perfect. For a company that aims to produce unique items in small quantities like ours, this is as well the most resource consuming part of the creation process.

6. Final Lineup

During the prototype stage a lot of things are changed! And that’s just normal. Materials are replaced, some styles are canceled, new styles came in. By the end of it, the collection is different from the initial one but as well much, much better. The final line-up moment is where the last check is done before production starts.

7. Production


With every detail brought to exactly how we envision it, we were ready to go into production! Woop-woop, almost there! 

8. Visuals

Last but definitely not least comes the final photoshoot. It's important to find a venue that matches well the theme of the collection and the clothes. With the right model and team, this is always a day of great fun and experimenting! 

5 o Desire Trousers in Tomato Red.jpg