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Is 'sustainable' an option or a necessity for the fashion industry?

SustainabilityGergana DamyanovaComment

Sustainability will be at the centre of innovation in the fashion industry in 2019.

Fashion companies have started to embrace the importance of sustainability. For instance, Eileen Fisher - a leading brand in Eco-fashion, aims to be 100% organic by 2020.


Furthermore, the July edition of Milano Unica accepted the challenge of exploring innovation, quality and a new vision of the future with a restyled, improved and extended sustainability area - the 'Tendenze area'. This edition of the fair attracted interest above expectations. Over 50 entrepreneurs presented more than 250 samples of textiles and accessories created in a sustainable production process using sustainable materials.


These actions are very important as the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world, closely following the oil and gas industry. The current fashion system is consuming resources at a rapid rate amplifying mass-consumption and pollution.

The CEO of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition - an organization that measures the environmental performance of apparel supplier says: “Natural fibres go through a lot of unnatural processes on their way to becoming clothing. They have been bleached, dyed, printed on, and scoured in chemical baths.” This is an environmental issue not only during the production process but after consumers dispose of their garments. In landfills, these chemicals leach to the groundwater. Or if burnt - the clothes release toxins into the air.

To put the issue of disposing of garments into perspective - ~13.1 million tons of textiles are trashed every year in the US only. At the same time - globally, only 15% of disposed garments are recycled or donated.

The above problems would be much less worrying if fashion companies recognize the urgent need of incorporating sustainability in their supply chains and act upon it.


The young generation recognizes the importance of sustainable production and consumption. That's why they are willing to pay more for products and services that come from companies, which have a positive social and environmental impact. 

This socially connected generation is much more aware and concerned about the fashion industry’s environmental and social shortcomings than the previous generations.

They care about sustainability in fashion and so do we!


That's why, as a brand, the main aspect of our company is to take a stance in social issues such as pollution, climate change and workers' rights. We believe in a vision for an improved apparel industry and will continue to build a sustainable solution. As we are all about walking the talk and engaging our customers in our journey, our next collection will be  entirely from recycled and sustainable materials.

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