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5 eco-facts about the fashion industry or why we care

SustainabilityGergana DamyanovaComment

We are a fashion start-up and as you have already guessed, we care about fashion. We are passionate about beautiful and functional design. However, next to this, we are passionate about the environmental impact of the industry.


Wonder why? Here are 5 facts or a few of the reasons why we care:

1. One cotton shirt consumes 2,700 leters of water, one pair of jeans consumes up to 10,000 leters of water. Main cotton producing countries are already facing water shortages and are soon to face the dilemma between conventional cotton production and availability of drinking water. A person drinks approximately 1,000 leters of water a year.

2. The average consumer in 2017 purchased 2 times more garments compared to 2000. At the same time fast fashion companies get out up to 25 more cycles of garments to their stores versus the conventional 2 cycles per year. Can you imagine that this is not increasing pollution?


3. Consumers keep items on average half as long as they used to in 2000. We have grown to see garments as disposable items that costed us just a few bucks. However, the environmental and societal cost that we face in our communities is much higher than what we pay in store.

4. On average every garment is worn only 7 times. Think about all the garments you have worn many, many times. There should be a lot of items that have never been worn to bring the average to only 7!

5. Every second the equivalent of 1 garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned. It has taken you approximately 60 seconds to read the article up to this point. That has been 60 trucks.

We are surrounded by friends and colleagues who aim to reduce their environmental impact and live a more conscious life. Yet, we found out that few of them are aware of the impact and the actual cost of the apparel industry. Without this knowledge, cheaper garments always seem tempting.

That's why one of our 2018 goals is to embark on a consumer-educational journey. We will share troubling facts with you. We will present the fascinating work done by so many passionate people around the globe. We will show you how you can contribute to a better apparel industry that costs our society less.